Is it the Right Time to Make the Move?

Mary and Jim Green were living comfortably in the home where they raised their family. However, the kids have moved out and started lives of their own. Mary and Jim remodeled their bedrooms and turned them into a home office and a den. The house had all the space they wanted and what's more, it was mortgage free. No wonder everyone was surprised when the Greens decided to move. Why now, when everything seemed so comfortable and affordable?

The answer was easy for them. They realized that they were in a new phase of their life and didn't want the same things that were important to them years ago. They were tired of home maintenance and repairs. Although they were still both working, they were interested in having more time to start to enjoy hobbies, travel and the best of life's experiences.

If you have been asking about when (or if) you should move, here is a simple way to determine the right time. Ask yourself three questions.
1). What was important to me when I bought this house?
2). What has changed?
3). What is important to me for the next 20 - 30 years?
Take each question separately, and be sure to write down your answers.

The Green's bought their house when the children were just born. It was important at that time to be near schools; to have a big back yard where the kids could play; to have other children in the area; and to have a big kitchen for family meals.

Now what has changed? Take each item you wrote down and review it.

In the Green's case, the children have grown and moved on with their own lives, so all of the reasons they purchased their home no longer have merit.

Then, what is important to you now and in the years ahead?

This may take a little more thinking, Most adults 50+ are quick to say what they do not want. They do not want to be tied to home maintenance, They don't want to rake leaves or shovel snow. They don't want to climb stairs, Use your PHD's, your Plans, Hopes and Desires to answer the 3rd question.

Your PHD's could consist of:
Traveling, more leisure time, pursue hobbies and interests, keeping up with fitness or as simple as wanting a new lifestyle.

Now review your answers to the three questions. If the reasons why you bought your current home have mostly changed and your PHD's are different now, you may want to start your search for an active adult community. A community where you can pursue your hobbies, have neighbors that share similar interests and experiences and an environment that helps make life easier and more fulfilling today and in the years to come.

Westlake Village is now offering leasing options.

The 3 year leasing plan has been a huge success, as it gives the tenants time to decide if they like community living. Trying to decide to make a huge change in your life is a very difficult decision, and we try to help you make it less stressful. Life becomes so much easier when you are not worried about how you are going to get all your home maintenance done, and how you are going to pay high energy bills on top of that. Community living gives you time and the opportunity to pursue hobbies and other interests that you may have. It opens doors to new experiences and the friendships in your second half of life.

When you lease your unit, you have no taxes and no association fees to worry about. Amenities now include a Common House, Pavilion, and Garden Area and Lake. We offer stress-free living, high quality, age restricted energy efficient homes with all new appliances. We are asking for a 3 year lease, with 2 months security deposit. A small pet can be included with a pet agreement as well.

While living in our energy efficient homes you are able to save your hard-earned money and you can join our peaceful community with all it has to offer. So many of the residents enjoy walking to the Village and doing their errands; the stores, library, hair dressers etc. are all within walking distance from Westlake Village.

Can you imagine life without the stress of maintaining your home, and enjoying your time and taking care of the most important thing which is YOU? Feel free to stop at Westlake Village and see for yourself how we are coming along with this project... who knows you may decide to join us, and have more time to enjoy the things in life that you have always dreamed of doing.
Welcome to Westlake Village
"Living Happily Ever After"
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