Westlake Village Amenities

Community Features:
• Garden Club Pavilion with raised garden beds and
• Nature and Walking Trails.

Future Community Features:
• Community House with dining room and gathering
• Covered Tiki Bar with Deck.
• Recreation Center with fitness room, game room, and
  sun room for reading.

Notable Residential Features:
• All appliances are included.
• Each unit provides a view of a beautiful pond and its
  surrounding wildlife.
• Individual private patios with a glassed-in optional
• Exclusive, spacious storage located on patios.
• Personal door chimes.
• Monte Carlo quality ceiling fans
• BRK First Alert: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  detectors located in each room.

Efficient and Beneficial Homes:
• Frigidaire remote-controlled air conditioners.
• Baseboard heaters from TPI Corporation.
• ThermaTru doors.
• Modern View double thick, low E Vinyl   professional series windows.
• Everkleen self-cleaning water heater.

• Pre-wired telephone, cable, and internet outlets.
• Telephone service will be provided by Frontier, a
   regulated public utility company.
• Time Warner Cable Company, a private utility will
   provide cable television service.
• It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to
  contract for the installation of desired services and the
  payment of such services.
• Mail will be delivered to the Community House.

• Electric ranges are vented by a re-circulating range
  hood or an over the range microwave, depending on the
• Clothes dryers are vented directly through the exterior
  building wall or roof.

Electrical System:
• The kitchens have a 240 volt outlet for an
  electric range.
• The laundry areas have a 240 volt outlet
  for a dryer.
• Typical unit light fixtures will be incandescent.
• Fluorescent fixtures are available as an upgrade.
• Clothes dryers are vented directly through the exterior
  building wall or roof.

Plumbing and Drainage:
• Each unit is equipped with a 40 gallon Richmond dual
  element, 12 year warranty electric hot   water heater.

Construction Details
Cutting Edge Construction (Exterior)
• 10" thick 20" wide footers with 3.500 PSI concrete   and 4 #5
   reinforcing bar
• Hurricane proof, sound proof, and   energy  efficient 6" thick
  3,000 PSI concrete   reinforced   foundation walls.
• Insulated hollow metal exterior entrance doors.
• Certain Teed 50 year warranty shingles.
• Tyvek house wrap
• Fire rated sheetrock and door separating the garage from the
   living space.

Cutting Edge Construction (Interior)
First Floor
• 4" cast in place concrete on a 6" #4 compacted sub floor, all on
  top of a radon vapor barrier
Second Floor
• Supported by concrete firewalls using Simpson joist hangers.
• 14" tall LBI placed on 16" on center floor joists.
• 3/4" tongue and groove Advantech OSB flooring
• Supported by concrete firewalls using Simpson   joist hangers.
• 14" tall LBI placed on 16" on center floor joists.
• 3/4" tongue and groove Advantech OSB flooring

Other Features
• All interior wall and ceiling surfaces are primed and painted fire
  rated sheet rock.
• 1" solid granite windowsills
• Wooden interior stairs
  - 2" x 12" Douglas Fir stringers
  - 2" x 12" Douglas Fir treads
  - 1" x 8" pine risers
  - Carpeted with a high quality Berber
  - Pre-installed outlets for easy installation
    of chair lifts
• Standard interior door-hollow pressed and stamped Masonite 6
• Personal garages with Marantec garage door with MLine Digital

Plumbing and Drainage:
• Water supplied by the Village of Sherburne by ductile supply
  line from the municipal main
• Each unit is metered separately for direct billing and payment
  for each homeowner
• No storage tanks are needed.
• Water pressure is maintained through Village of Sherburne
  municipal system.
• The sewage system is provided and maintained by the Village
  of Sherburne DPW.
• All waste water is piped to the municipal system.
• All pipes are PVC, gravity flow, requiring no   additional pumps.
• All storm water is gravity flow to the south end of   the property.
• There are 5 new pre-cast concrete catch basins with frames
   and grates.
• There are 8 roof drains from each building draining into the
  catch basins.
• All surface water enters the basins via
  the open grates.
Welcome to Westlake Village
"Living Happily Ever After"
36 West State Street
Sherburne, NY 13460
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