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The History of Sherburne, New York

In 1788, New York State purchased the "Valley of Chenango" from the Oneida Indians a later sold parcels at an auction in New York City.

During the winter of 1792 the first pioneers arrived from Duanesburg to settle in what was to become Sherburne Township #9. The Township of Sherburne was organized in 1795 and 20 families made their home in the tiny hamlet. Sherburne grew quickly, by 1800 there were 1,282 residents and by 1835 that number grew to about 3,100.

The opening of the Chenango Canal in 1837 between Utica and Binghamton, which ran right down the middle of Sherburne, greatly reduced the cost and time of receiving goods and supplies. During the Civil War, Union soldiers set up camp on the banks of the canal, on what is now the home of Westlake Village. The railroad, like elsewhere around New York, replaced the canal in 1867 and two trains came through town on a daily basis.

In 1881, the Village water supply was developed. Two reservoirs on East Hill Road still supply the Village with quality water to this day.

Westlake Village is built on the site of the original Sherburne Fairgrounds. The first fair was held in 1871. Annual memberships cost just 1 dollar! The well kept race track was the center of interest. 1906 was the last year Sherburne hosted the annual event. However, the new owners of the property maintained the half mile track and several of the buildings for the townspeople that enjoyed the sport of harness racing.

M.W. Farley built and owned the house that is now the Community House for Westlake Village. Farley was a major dealers for hops during the era that Chenango County was a prime producer of the crop. The hops were delivered to the barn besides the house and then distributed throughout the county to wholesale pharmacies and breweries. In the mid twentieth century, the building housed an egg distribution business called FUL-OF-PEP. What a fitting name for the Westlake Village wellness center that is housed in that very same building!

For more history, visit the Sherburne Public Library or as to look at our reference books.

The famous "Pageant of Bands" is held each year on the first Saturday in June and attracts bands from around the U.S.

Poster advertising the Annual Fair held on the grounds of Westlake Village circa 1875. The Fair was popular for years.

Early photograph of the harness racing track held on the grounds of Westlake Village in the mid to late 1800's.

Originally on Main Street, the notable Sherburne "Octagon House" is no longer standing.

The "Sherburne House" stood in the center of Sherburne for several decades. It was a popular stop for travelers and locals alike. The structure is no longer standing.

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